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I'll be your lover too

Never stop dreaming

20 June 1984
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My name is Anna...i'm from Barcelona, where i'm actually living (wanna go somewhere in the future). born in 1984. one older sister. both of us are doctors (she's an anaesthesiologis, me urologist in a few years). i still live with my mum, life is quite difficult hahaha.
love travelling. been to most European countries, Chile, Cuba, México, Egypt. love London. dream of going to NY.
huge fanatic of football club barcelona, it's related to my family blood and can't avoid it :P
i also have developed an strange devotion for all the twilight saga...didn't want to read it but at the end i ended up doing it and now, i'm not myself anymore. wish an Edward came to my life.
i enjoy hanging out with my friends, going to the cinema. prefer a good talk rather than going to a disco.