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07 June 2009 @ 09:42 pm

the answer...i still don't know..but the only thing i want is to survive 'cos i'm picturing myself in the middle of the ER room crying because i don't know what to do...hope it doesn't happen. please...if u know me, pray for me. and i'll cross my fingers. i wanna reach 25!!

can't accept that my birthday is gonna be in 2 weeks time. wow...i always dreamed of being twenty something and when you actually got to it, u want to go back and wait more years. but i keep myself positive with it 'cos it's not a bad age. i mean, i've just started working, i now have money to spend, i have more independence and the chance to meet new people and do things i could not do before.

but, i miss some things from older days...like spending most of the nights chatting with my BFF until it was day. i can't do it anymore. not only because i have to wake up the following day but also because she's not online anymore :(  . where are u greta? i'm missing u so much!!

i have to admit that i've been trying to avoid all kind of information related to christopher in Brasil. i think is my way of preventing myself of getting hurt, in case i don't see him anymore. but who knows...life just changes at every moment.

last friday i remembered why i never go out...'cos shit actually happens!! and it happened. i got totally drunk...like i hadn't done for ages. but the worse thing was to see the "boy that had lived through my dreams" the past few days flirting with another girl...and the worst of all?? that they both work in the same place as me...funny, eh? i guess what's gonna be my reaction 2morrow, and my face...maybe, i'll practise some bitch-face (as Kristen usually does at papz lol). best thing to do in this case, ignore the man!! and i'll do it! prefer to stay alone. it's better for my heart...because i've just spent the whole weekend thinking of damn friday...and luckily i left before.

hope u read this greta...te echo de menos!! siento haberte preocupado xo el viernes estaba tan maaaaaal!!

02 June 2009 @ 08:48 pm

At the beginnig i thought i was gonna be able to survive sleeping a few hours, like i used to do in the past...but looking at me now is the best proof that i won't be able to do it...i need my hours of sleep...b/c if i fail to have them, i spend the following day falling asleep while visiting some patients.
But...i love what i do!! i feel really comfortable with the people i work with...maybe, it's because i'm the new and young one and they treat me as i was some kind of unique flower...they might be afraid of me quitting before the first year of internship ends! it wouldn't be the first one to do it! nevertheless, if everything goes in the same direction as it has been so far, and people remain as nice and helpful (and patient!!) as they're right now, i think i'll last the five years of internship and i'll become an urologist...don't know if good or bad, but an urologist, haha

I'm missing someone these days...she went to Paris with a friend. i hope she's enjoying every minute in that beautiful and charming city...it's one of those places you never get tired of. i remember when i visited for the first time a lot of years ago...i was only 8 but i still can recall how it was to walk into its streets, to see its cool and fashionable inhabitants....to smell "just-made" croissants in every corner...to see the Tour Eiffel...well...everything Paris has!! i hope Greta will greet Le Musée d'Orsay for me...it's been a long time since i haven't been too.

Today was a weird day..'cos i got to see an operation that did not go the way it had to...it all became so complicated and changed the perspective of the whole surgery...life is so unfair sometimes! seeing someone young whose life may be shorter for a terrible illness makes my heart ache painfully. But life goes on...and we all most be grateful for what we have.

Past weekend was akward...'cos someone from the past came back...and he didn't want to talk actually...it always happens to me!! when i think i'm ready to start over, something old and thought to be digged returns and tumbles down my life...making me wonder if i want it back or not...difficult, isn't it? and sometimes...extremely stupid!!

I'm just really tired now...wanting to catch some sleep and i'd probably do it after eating something healthy since food at hospital is not that good! i only eat salads and yoghurts lol...something i usually don't eat in my ordinary life.

and btw...i'm quite happy about all the MTV Movie Awards stuff...and, why do i have to deny it, all the R/K stories that make me smile quite a lot...they do look good together. have some kind of magic that attracts me

i wanted to post a picture from the views i have from my job..but don't have my Iphone here. but i promise to do it in my following post

i know nobody's gonna read it...but i felt like i had to write

Current Mood: apatheticapathetic
26 May 2009 @ 09:41 pm

Wow...i'm gonna use this in order to express all the anger that runs through my body!! i can't go on living with my mum...she makes my life really difficult! i'm just asking for a little bit of space but she keeps putting her nose in everything!
i know it's kinda of childish to complain about it, 'cos many people live far away from home and miss that special thing that mum is but, in my case, since dad died, all has turned into a little hell. if not every day, it's every week that we fight for something. normally, it's not a big issue what we argue for..but at the end, it gets bigger and bigger.
today has been my beach towel lol....last summer we had some works done at home and i had to live in my sister's house, but i did not leave anything there, can remember that. but my mum has this brilliant idea of putting everything into boxes. she knew perfectly where her things were, but mine...didn't care of remembering where she had left them...so, every time i asked her, she would answer me "i don't remember..." is it that difficult for her to remember? i wasn't asking for a maths problem at all!!! so, that irked me a lot...so much, that sometimes i'd say really bad things to her, and felt bad about it later. we finally reached a deal...she wouldn't touch my things....i'd try to be more tidy...but, it was useless..every time i looked for somethin' she had touched, she didn't remember where it was lol. and today was one of those days...adding to it that i had to put up a bookcase that had suffered an accident last weekend...did she help me? NOOOOOO...she was sitting in the sofa watching her boring, favourite TV series which she's already seen like ten times...didn't matter if i insisted asking her where it was or if she minded me falling off...she kept sit for all the evening...and so, the shouts came!! and now, i really feel angry, screwed...all the adjectives that u can recall.

btw, today at work was really cool. they keep treating me like a princess :P and i had to attend some special lessons for the doctor who have just started to work at hospital. from my point of view, they were kinda of boring...i even fell asleep in one of them lol. and i took advantage of the occasion to meet other doctors i didn't know before.

i wanna thank greta for thinking of me...she may be the only one!!! my twilight obsession has reached an unanimaginable point


Current Mood: angryangry
24 May 2009 @ 10:28 pm

La verdad es q no tengo mucho q escribir ni contar pq los últimos días han sido así como muy monótonos....viendo como funcionaba la dinámica del hospital. todavía no hago mucho pero al menos me van explicando y de paso, me enseñan como se hacen los seguimientos de los pacientes, las peticiones de las pruebas complementarias, etc.

Esta semana tampoco será muy emocionante pq tengo unos cursos de iniciación al hospital, con los otros residentes que han entrado igual q yo.

x otro lado estoy muy contenta, no sólo x estas cosas buenas d mi vida profesional, sino pq alguien a quien quiero mucho ha sido admitida en la universidad, algo q ella creía imposible y q le costó muchas lágrimas...xo ahora esas lágrimas son de felicidad!! y yo estoy feliz x ella. lástima q no pueda ir a ayudarla a buscar casa...el hospital me retiene :P

en fin...voy a irme a dormir ya en unos 10 mins...he comprobado q antes no soy capaz...y mañana será otro día

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20 May 2009 @ 11:51 pm

Can't stop looking at those gorgeous pics in Cannes....wish i had been there, just to try to catch a glimpse of him....I know....it's impossible...but dreaming is free...so i let my imagination think of different worlds where I meet him

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17 May 2009 @ 07:29 pm
Well...they are only of Dulce Maria but i'm just new on it so...promise to practise more


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09 May 2009 @ 11:50 pm
Well...i've been part of livejournal for such a long time but i don't know why i hadn't posted anything before. maybe it's because i'm a bit too lazy to do it, and that i'm not that kinda creative girl (comparing to some livejournals i've seen, mine gets me angry, haha).
i think it'd be nice if i introduce myself a little bit...so, here i go.
my name is Anna, i live in Barcelona and i'm 24 years old. i finished university last year and i'm about to start working at a hospital in 2 weeks time. i'm gonna be an urologist...yeah, quite a strange choice for a girl, but that's what i like!! nothing to do with dirty mind.
i'll try to get to know this a little more and become more confident on it so i can post things and those stuff.

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